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Windermere Quartz Countertops

Windermere is the largest master planned neighborhood in South Forsyth County and designed as a true work-live-play community. Located along Windermere Parkway in affluent Cumming, Georgia, this community incorporates over 400 acres of open green space and offers every up-scale luxury amenity discriminating buyers could ask for. From stately gated communities of luxurious Executive homes to attractive up-scale Townhomes, Windermere’s inventory of choices covers the complete spectrum to fit every luxury buyer’s budget.

Surrounded by the natural beauty of the North Georgia foothills, the Community features the highly acclaimed – Davis Love designed 18-hole Championship Golf Course. Windermere is built around the handsomely designed Village Center. The Village contains its own Village Lodge Clubhouse, Pavilion, 3 separate swimming pools and an impressive Tennis facility to satisfy every member of the family.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Windermere

After a day enjoying the local beauty, are you greeted by a kitchen that is showing its age? Upgrading your countertops is a simple way to give your kitchen or bathroom a new look. At Click Countertops, we have helped thousands of customers with this home improvement project. Our varieties of quartz countertops are an affordable, practical solution that will enhance the look of your space.

A High Level of Durability

When you see these beautiful products, you may think you are looking at a slab of quartz. In reality, producers use a manufacturing process developed in Italy in the 1960s. The technique mixes particles of quartz, marble and granite with a hard polymer resin.

Whether you know or not, you may have had several encounters with the quartz material used for these countertops. The material is so durable that many builders use it as a flooring material in larger, indoor spaces. In shopping malls and office building entryways, owners love that this man-made material can withstand the scuff marks of shoes and shopping carts while giving their space a sophisticated look.

With this kind of strength, imagine how it will perform as a countertop. Surfaces made from this material are chip and scratch-resistant. While we do not recommend putting them to the test, you will not have to worry about the occasionally dropped pan.

Local Windermere Quartz Countertops

The production technique for the quartz material has stayed pretty well the same over the years. But, manufacturers have grown in their ability to produce unique patterns and colors in the product. Our Churchill Honed Quartz has a slate-gray color with veins of white. It blends in well with a dark color scheme. Carrara Visconti Quartz has a bright, white marble look with subtle flecks and veins of gray and adds the perfect touch for a classical sense of style.

Easy Care

Because the quartz product is a manufactured material, it does not have the imperfections sometimes found in natural stone. This quality makes it easy to clean with a simple wipe down. Also, the resin in the mix creates a non-porous surface that resists stains and microbial growth. You will have a low-maintenance surface that will last for years.

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At Click Countertops, we are excited to help our Windermere customers make their dream kitchen into a reality. Our team will help you through the entire process from style selection to prompt installation. For more than twenty years, we have been delivering a high level of service to Georgia families. Contact us today so that we can install beautiful quartz countertops in your Windermere home.