PRICE, SPEED & QUALITY…. YOU can have them all. The material is the material, the process and craftsmanship are the difference-makers…

  • PRICE – The Click model creates and revolutionizes extreme operational efficiency by only offering popular designer products. What we save here is directly passed on to the consumers offering them the most competitive pricing in the market. 
  • SPEED– The Click model is all about providing the few selected, top designer products directly to consumers. Making the process simple and easy. With the traditional delays and obstacles removed, we can move fast. That means you can have new countertops quickly without compromising quality.
  • QUALITY – The business model integrates specialized, certified business owner-operators. You will be dealing directly with a business owner, not an employee or an associate. While we certainly have no issue with employees & work associates, a business owner typically has a higher investment compared to most hired help. They simply have more skin in the game.  Our program has integrated the most talented certified craftsmen that have years of experience in this highly specialized trade. Because a business owner’s livelihood and future success rely on satisfied customers, your satisfaction is their main priority

Quick turnaround times along with high-quality countertops and the industry’s most competitive pricing may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But, if it’s your cup of tea, Click it.