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Stonecrest Quartz_Countertops

Stonecrest is one of the youngest cities in Georgia. It was only incorporated in 2016. Of course, people have been living in the region for many years. The Mall at Stonecrest has been a major shopping center for the Atlanta area since the 1980s. The mall served as an anchor for other development that eventually led to the need for a formal community. However, Stonecrest is not all department stores and shopping sprees. The city has more than 300 acres of parkland currently in development. It also includes the granite peaks of the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Stonecrest

Improving Your Stonecrest Home

Whether you are coming home from a day at work or a shopping trip to the mall, it is good to have a pleasant, well-designed space. In modern homes, this often means an open floorplan with plenty of room for socializing. Your kitchen may do double duty as a serving and dining area. When you are entertaining guests, you want your home to look its best. Installing quartz_countertops from Click Countertops will give you the functional style that you need.

A Sturdy Choice

Attractive countertops will enhance the beauty of your home. However, they must also be functional. Whether it is the kitchen or bathroom, the pressures of a busy household will put your countertops to the test. Our engineered stone material is chip and scratch-resistant, so a dropped utensil is not a major worry in the kitchen.

Local Stonecrest, Georgia Quartz Countertops

Minimal Maintenance

Maintaining the sparkly shine of engineered stone does not require extra effort on your part. Natural stone countertops must have an annual seal coating to prevent stains. Our engineered stone is non-porous by design and is ready to go after installation. Spills wipe up easily without staining.

Also, the smooth surface of our quartz material prevents bacterial growth. In natural stone, there are cracks and crevices where dust and microbes can gather. With regular cleaning, you can rest easy knowing that you have a clean surface for your family. This trait is of the utmost importance when you are preparing food or dining at a kitchen island.

High-Quality Choices

All of our quartz countertop design choices have the sparkle of quartz crystals. The manufacturers use ground quartz in the production process. By adding other types of stone and glass, producers generate patterns of different hues with the look of granite or marble. Our Churchill Honed Quartz has a dark gray base color with thin white veins. Catalina Quartz provides a different contrast with a white base and wispy gray veins. Whether you have a light or dark color scheme, we have a product that will look beautiful in your home.

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The Click Countertops Method

Over the past two decades, our team has perfected the counter installation process. We take care of everything from the initial measurement to the final placement. Along the way, we give you attentive customer service and a reasonable price. If you think that quartz_countertops could be the right solution for your Stonecrest home, get in touch with the pros at Click Countertops today.