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Smyrna Quartz Countertops

Smyrna is nicknamed The Jonquil City for the yellow flowers that line the streets every spring. The city recently received the Urban Land Institute’s Award for Excellence. A lot has been happening in Smyrna for the past few years. Several rounds of smart redevelopment have improved the downtown and residential areas. The result has been a growing population and economy in the region. It is no wonder that “Money” magazine listed The Jonquil City as one of the best places to live.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Smyrna

Redeveloping Your Countertops

Well-planned redevelopment is a key to Smyrna’s recent success. Your home can also benefit from occasional improvements. Unless you purchased a custom home, the style of your countertops was probably determined by a previous owner. What worked a few decades ago may not be attractive to you today. If you feel like it is time to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom countertops, Click Countertops can install quartz countertops that will refresh your room while giving you functional space.

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Quartz Countertops – A High Level of Durability

When you see these beautiful products, you may think you are looking at a slab of quartz. In reality, producers use a manufacturing process developed in Italy in the 1960s. The technique mixes particles of quartz, marble and granite with a hard polymer resin.

Whether you know or not, you may have had several encounters with the quartz material used for these countertops. The material is so durable that many builders use it as a flooring material in larger, indoor spaces. In shopping malls and office building entryways, owners love that this man-made material can withstand the scuff marks of shoes and shopping carts while giving their space a sophisticated look.

With this kind of strength, imagine how it will perform as a countertop. Surfaces made from this material are chip and scratch-resistant. While we do not recommend putting them to the test, you will not have to worry about the occasionally dropped pan.

Local Smyrna Quartz Countertops

The production technique for the quartz material has stayed pretty well the same over the years. But, manufacturers have grown in their ability to produce unique patterns and colors in the product. Our Churchill Honed Quartz has a slate-gray color with veins of white. It blends in well with a dark color scheme. Carrara Visconti Quartz has a bright, white marble look with subtle flecks and veins of gray and adds the perfect touch for a classical sense of style.

Local Smyrna Granite Countertops

Granite is an igneous rock that is made up of primarily quartz and feldspar. It is formed by the cooling and solidification of magma (molten rock that is underground). This rock contains the natural stone that makes up countertops and other surfaces. Our Haverhill Granite from Brazil is a durable polished slab granite of whites and gray with medium variation. It blends in well with a dark color scheme. Vail White Granite features a Dalmatian-Esque look, with onyx and graphite overlaying a pale, pearly backdrop and adds the perfect touch for a classical sense of style.

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Easy Care

Quartz  is a manufactured material, therefore it does not have the imperfections sometimes found in natural stone. This quality makes it easy to clean with a simple wipe down. Also, the resin in the mix creates a non-porous surface that resists stains and microbial growth. Granite is a very easy surface to clean as well. Use a mix of warm water and mild dish soap for everyday cleaning, following up with a microfiber towel to shine up the stone. Avoid abrasive or acidic cleaners, which can strip the sealer and etch the stone. Whether you upgrade to quartz or granite for your new countertops, you will have a low-maintenance surface that will last for years.

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At Click Countertops, we are excited to help our Smyrna customers turn their dream kitchen into a reality. Our team will help you through the entire process from style selection to prompt installation. For more than twenty-years, we have been delivering a high level of service to Georgia families. Contact us today at (770) 765-3763 so we can begin your project updating your surfaces to beautiful quartz, granite, or marble countertops in your Smyrna home!

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