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Sandy Springs Quartz Countertops

Although it is part of the greater Atlanta area, Sandy Springs still qualifies as one of the largest cities in Georgia. This community has sustained healthy growth in population and business for the past few years. Several companies have corporate headquarters in the city, and many other corporations have branches in the Perimeter Center neighborhood. When work is done for the week, you can enjoy a lazy raft ride down the Chattahoochee River or an outing to one of the community’s many parks. Sandy Springs is an ideal place to work and play.

Upgrading Your Sandy Springs Countertops

As the years go by, your countertops will begin to show signs of age. In the kitchen, your countertops may have stains from years of spills and splatters. In the bathroom, you may find rust stains or other marks where household chemicals have reacted with the counter. Upgrading your countertops improves the atmosphere in any room. For a fresh look that will last, quartz countertops from Click Countertops are a functional solution.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Sandy Springs

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How to Make the Perfect Countertop

Your countertops must be usable space. You also want them to be attractive. There are several common types of countertop materials that deliver different levels of durability and style. Laminate countertops are easier to damage than other materials. Natural stone countertops are strong, but they require extra treatments to avoid staining.

Our quartz material gives you high durability with little or no fuss. Engineered stone begins as a mix of quartz dust and a polymer sealing compound. When this mix hardens, the product that results is highly durable. It resists both chips and scratches while maintaining a brilliant shine.

Local Sandy Springs, Georgia Quartz Countertops

These countertops are also water-resistant. The polymer compound forms a non-porous seal that prevents spills from staining the material. When there is an accident, cleaning up is as easy as wiping the spill with a paper towel. For deeper cleaning, all you need is a basic surface cleaner and soft cloth or sponge.

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Choosing Your Material

The process of making engineered stone has been around for several decades. In that time, manufacturers have learned how to add other components to the mix and generate patterns and colors that mimic granite and marble. We can provide the look that will work in your Sandy Springs home.

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After you make your choice, the shape of the countertop is the next consideration. We carefully measure your space so that we can cut and shape the material for a perfect fit. The edge of a countertop also adds character to a room. Many people feel that a slight bevel gives the material the look of a polished stone slab. Other homeowners prefer the artistic curves of an ogee or demi bullnose edge.

Working with Click Countertops

At Click Countertops, it is our goal to make countertop installation a simple process from start to finish. Our team will deliver and install your new quartz countertops at a competitive price. If it is time for a countertop update in your Sandy Springs home, reach out to us today.

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