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Roswell Quartz Countertops

The city of Roswell has won numerous titles for being a pleasant place to live. According to “Atlanta Magazine,” it is the best place to live in the Metro Atlanta area. A recent book, “The Best Places to Raise Your Family,” gave the city its third-place ranking. Although the city has a long history, careful planning has led to a population boom in the past twenty years. The city boasts 900 acres of recreational parkland and a stunning walking trail along the Chattahoochee River. The combination of natural beauty, a storied history and wise city development have turned Roswell into a thriving community.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Roswell

Improving the Family Kitchen

Medical professionals have been recommending that people eat home-cooked food for some time. Meals prepared with fresh ingredients are healthier than fast food options. As a result, families are spending more time together in the kitchen. In modern homes, the kitchen and dining areas may flow into each other with a breakfast bar or central island doubling as a dining space. A new set of quartz countertops from Click Countertops can transform a drab kitchen into a pleasant social area.

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Working with Engineered Stone

The quartz material we use for these countertops is not a natural stone. The manufacturers grind pieces of quartz and other stones into a fine dust. The presence of quartz crystals is what gives these counters their granite-like sparkle. They combine the stone dust with a polymer sealant that hardens into a non-porous solid. When they are done, the material looks like a slab of polished stone. Many customers cannot tell the difference without looking closely.

Local Roswell, Georgia Quartz Countertops

By changing the dust mix, the manufacturers can vary the pattern of the engineered stone. In our collection, we have styles that range from Tundra Quartz, a plain white countertop, to Churchill Honed Quartz, a dark countertop with white veins. Our team can help you choose a countertop style that will match your design preferences.

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Attractive Functionality

Your countertops cannot just look beautiful, but they must also perform well under pressure. Cooking in the kitchen involves utensils that can leave scratches and spills that can stain. The unique formula of our quartz material resists the most common forms of damage.

The polymer compound creates a waterproof seal. When spills cannot soak in, they cannot leave a permanent mark. Wipe up any messes with a paper towel. Your counters will be ready for the next meal. The smooth surface also leaves bacteria and microbes with no place to hide as you clean.

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The durable construction resists chips and scratches. However, clean your counters with a soft cloth or sponge. Abrasive cleaning tools can dull the finish. If you are kind to your new countertops, they will serve you well for years to come.

The Right Team for Countertops

Click Countertops is the team you can trust with your kitchen countertops. We have perfected our installation process over more than twenty years of service in Georgia. If you are considering a new set of quartz countertops for your Roswell home, we are waiting for your call.

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