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Palmetto Quartz_Countertops

“Green space, blue skies, great people.” The Palmetto city motto describes this lovely community well. The city sits about 25 miles south of downtown Atlanta. Residents enjoy the benefits of small-town life while staying connected to a metropolitan center. Locals can work in the metro area and come home to enjoy a quiet weekend playing with their kids at Wayside Park.

Sophisticated but Functional

A busy family means a busy kitchen. You need a food preparation space that is practical with plenty of room to spread out your utensils and ingredients. However, a well-functioning kitchen does not mean you have let go of your sense of style. Our quartz_countertops will enhance your kitchen with the look of polished stone while providing a sturdy platform for food prep.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Palmetto

Simple Elegance

Small quartz crystals are what make a piece of granite sparkle in the sunlight. Unfortunately, raw quartz is not a practical building material. In our engineered stone countertops, a polymer resin binds together a mix of quartz dust and other pulverized stones. When it cures, the final product is a firm surface with a shining finish.

With the quartz product, cleaning and maintenance are minor tasks. These countertops do not require seal coats or other additional treatments. They are naturally non-porous. Because water does not soak in, they are not susceptible to stains and spills. Also, the smooth surface prevents dust buildup and microbial growth. Regular dusting and a wipe with your normal surface cleaner are all you need to maintain their beautiful appearance.

Local Palmetto, Georgia Quartz Countertops

A Thoughtful Process

Replacing your kitchen countertops with any variety of stone requires careful measuring and specific tools. You need experienced professionals to do the job right the first time. At Click Countertops, we have perfected the countertop installation process to give you great results in a short timeframe.

We thoughtfully choose to stock countertops that will meet the most common design needs. Usually, homeowners either want a countertop with a light base color or a dark base color. Our Tundra Quartz product is made from white quartz without any enhancement. It is perfect for those who prefer a minimalist design. Churchill Honed Quartz has a deep-gray base color with thin white veins and gives you the look of classic marble. In the middle, a selection like our Allure Quartz has an off-white base with gold accents.

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Once you choose your product, the design process continues. We will handle cutting and shaping the quartz material for a perfect fit. The edging of your countertops is another consideration. Some homeowners want to maintain the look of a rock slab. They will choose a simple beveled edge. In other homes, a central kitchen island will double as a breakfast table. In this case, a rounded edge like a demi bullnose may be more appropriate.

With You All the Way

The Click Countertops crew has more than twenty years of experience in kitchen improvement. Our goal is to provide prompt customer service at a competitive price. If you think quartz_countertops are the kitchen solution you are looking for, reach out to us today.