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Norcross Quartz_Countertops

In 2016, Norcross was number 14 out of 100 in Time Magazine’s Most Genius Cities list. They based this ranking on the number of patents per person in an area. The city is home to several scientific research companies on the cutting edge of technology. Because of this commitment to innovation, Norcross has adopted the motto “A Place to Imagine.” They see themselves as a community where people from around the world can live and dream together.

Your Dream Kitchen

As families look for new ways to improve their eating habits, cooking at home has grown in popularity. A freshly-prepared meal uses healthier ingredients than most takeout items. If you are planning to spend more time in your kitchen, you want it to be a pleasant space. Older kitchens show signs of wear from years of use. A set of new quartz_countertops will go a long way toward giving you the kitchen of your dreams.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Norcross

A High-Quality Surface

Engineered stone material has been around for several decades. Italian stoneworkers developed the product, and it was popular in Europe as a kitchen counter from the beginning. It took a few decades for the material to make it into American households, but it was used frequently as a flooring material in indoor shopping centers.

These countertops are often the perfect solution for indoor kitchens and bars. The polymer resin that holds the material together does not do well in direct sunlight, so they are not an outdoor product. Inside, engineered stone is a durable surface that can stand the test of time.

Easy Care

The production process for our quartz countertop material involves mixing ground stone with a polymer sealant. When the mixture dries, the resulting surface is smooth and sturdy. This product is water-resistant, and it does not require any additional treatments to resist stains.

Local Norcross, Georgia Quartz Countertops

Spills happen when you are working in the kitchen. With an engineered stone counter, there is no worry about cleaning them up. Your preferred glass and surface cleaner is all you need to maintain a glossy shine.

Strong chemicals like bleach have the potential to react with the resin and leave a mark. Test any new products on an unseen part of the counter. Harsh abrasives can also dull the finish. A sponge or microfiber cloth is the right choice for countertop care.

Sparkle and Shine

Many of our customers are surprised at how much these countertops resemble real stone. Quartz crystal is the primary ingredient in the stone mix. It gives the counters the sparkle and shine of polished granite. By adding other materials like glass and darker stone, manufacturers make new patterns. In our selection of countertops, you are sure to find a product that will work in your Norcross home.

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Experienced Countertop Experts

At Click Countertops, we make a serious effort to provide you with the best kitchen counter replacement experience possible. Our team will help you through the whole procedure from measuring to installation. All you need to do is enjoy how the quartz_countertops improve your kitchen. To get things started, contact Click Countertops today.