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The city of Morrow used to be a strip of farmland just outside of Atlanta. With the advent of the railroad system, the community began to grow as more residents traveled back and forth from the state capital. Today, Morrow is the home of Clayton State University with its world-famous arts venue, Spivey Hall. The city recently opened the Morrow Center as a multi-purpose conference venue in the greater Atlanta area. Morrow is quickly becoming a place where, as the town motto says, you can “savor the world.”

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Morrow

Moving Toward a Modern Kitchen

Morrow has seen a great deal of change over the years. When it comes to your kitchen, change is often a good thing. You may have noticed a transformation in the way that people use their cooking spaces. What used to be an area closed off from the rest of the home is now a space to gather and socialize. If you love to host company but hate the look of a tired kitchen, it is time for an upgrade. At Click Countertops, we have helped many Georgia residents update their kitchens with quartz_countertops.

A Modern Approach to Stone

Busy homeowners love the look of natural stone, but they do not have time for the extra care it requires. Granite and marble need regular applications of a sealing coat to prevent stains. To maintain the cleanliness of a marble or granite countertop, you must be sure to address its natural cracks and imperfections to prevent dust buildup and bacterial growth.

Local Morrow, Georgia Quartz Countertops

Engineered stone countertops avoid many of these issues while still giving you a brilliant look. The producers grind quartz and other stones into a powder. Then, they add a polymer sealing resin that dries into a smooth surface that is scratch and chip-resistant. The finished product is also non-porous and does not require extra treatments to resist stains. You will have a look that you love with a sturdy surface you can use.

Selecting Your Countertops

The technology to make engineered stone has been around since the 1960s. Over the years, manufacturers have learned how to create unique patterns that mimic the appearance of marble and granite. Our Regal Statuary Quartz has a soft white background with bold gray veins. Churchill Honed Quartz gives a dark background with thin white veins. No matter your style, we have a product that will meet your needs.

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Once you decide on the design, there are a few more steps to the process. Our team will measure your space to figure out the square footage you need. This step will determine the cost of your project. Back in the studio, we will edge the material to your specifications. For the look of a dining room table, a sloped ogee edge is the best fit. For a more traditional slab, a slight bevel may be all that you need.

Your Kitchen Countertop Partner

Click Countertops has successfully completed thousands of kitchen counter replacement projects in the state of Georgia. We are ready to get to work in your Morrow home. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities of quartz_countertops.