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Loganville Quartz_Countertops

The city of Loganville’s motto is “Where people matter.” This ideal seems to have served the community well as the population is growing quickly. It is no wonder that a city with small-town appeal and easy access to Atlanta would be attractive. Well-maintained parks and green spaces offer plenty of family-centered activities. If you walk down Main Street during the annual Autumnfest, you can enjoy local produce and crafts while getting to know your neighbors. Loganville thrives because of its welcoming attitude.

A Hospitable Kitchen

These days, family members and friends are as likely to gather in your kitchen as they are in your living room. Many new homes have an open floor plan where the food preparation and dining spaces overlap. A central island or breakfast bar becomes a space where meals are prepped, served and eaten. If your kitchen is also a gathering space, quartz_countertops from Click Countertops are a functional and elegant upgrade.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Loganville

Manufactured Beauty

When people hear the name of our quartz products, they assume that they will be looking at a slab of natural rock. Quartz is a lovely stone. The presence of this volcanic crystal is what makes granite sparkle in the light. However, on its own, quartz is not sturdy enough to serve as a building or counter material.

In the 1960s, Italian stoneworkers discovered a way to make counters with the beauty of quartz. They ground quartz fragments into a powder and mixed it with a polymer sealant. The resulting product had the shine of polished granite and the sparkle of quartz crystal. By adding other stone fragments like granite and marble to the powder, they could create unique colors and veined patterns.

Local Loganville, Georgia Quartz Countertops

When you look at our engineered stone collection, we are certain that you will find a product that meets your needs. Whether you want the simplicity of our pure white Tundra Quartz or the subtle veining of our Catalina Quartz, your new counters will make your kitchen complete.

Long-Lasting Endurance

Engineered stone counters are not only visually pleasing, but they are also practical. The kitchen is a functional space, and your counters must be up to the task. The polymer compound in these products dries to a hard shell. This surface is smooth and non-porous without the imperfections of natural stone. These traits mean that your counters will be stain-resistant and easy to maintain. A spray of your preferred surface and glass cleaner is all it takes to maintain a lasting shine.

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Also, because of the uniform surface, there is no place for bacteria and other microbes to evade your cleaning. With proper care, you can trust that your counters are clean and ready for use by the whole family.

Working with Click Countertops

The crew at Click Countertops wants to make your countertop replacement project simple. We have more than two decades of experience in this field, and we can usher you through the entire process of selecting, measuring and installing your new quartz_countertops. If it is time for an update in your Loganville kitchen, get in touch with us today.