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Lithonia Quartz_Countertops

If you take a bike trip on the Arabia Mountain Path, you might end your day in the city of Lithonia. This community is near Stone Mountain, an impressive granite peak. Lithonia is a Greek name that means “town of rock.” It is a fitting title for this community with a history of granite quarries that used to employ many members of the local population. Today, some of these worksites have been turned into nature preserves and recreational areas.

Looking for the Right Kitchen Countertops

In a place like Lithonia, you might assume that a natural stone countertop is your only choice for a kitchen upgrade. The region is full of granite deposits. Why wouldn’t your home be the same? Granite is a beautiful metamorphic rock with unique patterns, but it also has some drawbacks as a kitchen counter. Natural stone is porous and requires a periodic seal coat for stain prevention. If you are looking for a beautiful countertop with easy maintenance, quartz_countertops from Click Countertops are an attractive option.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Lithonia

The Beauty of Engineered Stone

Granite is a natural mix of several types of stone of which quartz is a major component. This crystal is what makes a piece of granite sparkle when you shine a light on it. On its own, quartz is not strong enough to be an appropriate countertop material, and it is rare to find pieces of pure quartz large enough to cut into slabs.

Our engineered stone countertops use pulverized quartz to give the material a stone-like appearance. Producers grind quartz and other stone fragments into a mix that they bind together with a polymer resin. When this mixture dries, it hardens into a smooth, durable material.

Local Lithonia, Georgia Quartz Countertops

While homeowners in Europe have used this material for countertops since the 1960s, Americans may be more familiar with it as a flooring material in indoor shopping centers. The engineered stone lends an elegant feel to the flooring while enduring the pressure and scuff marks of heavy foot traffic. Maintenance people appreciate that this material is both stain-resistant and easy to clean.

A Functional Kitchen

When you imagine these traits in your kitchen, you can understand the benefits of this product. As a countertop, engineered stone has the look and shine of a natural stone counter. However, the polymer binding compound provides a water-resistant seal. You will no longer have to worry about stains from accidental spills. The durable, uniform surface also resists scratches. This strength will preserve the countertop’s appearance for years of regular use.

A Clean Surface

The smooth surface has another benefit. With no cracks or crevices, it is much easier to prevent bacterial growth. These counters do not require special cleaners. A soft towel or sponge matched with your favorite glass cleaner is sufficient to maintain a shiny finish.

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At Click Countertops, we have been installing new counters in the Lithonia area for more than twenty years. We can complete this home improvement project with a short timeline and a competitive price. Contact us today to learn how quartz_countertops can beautify your Lithonia kitchen.