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Lake City Quartz_Countertops

It may seem strange to name your town for lakes that no longer exist, but that is how Lake City, GA, received its title. This city was a community created to meet the needs of the expanding Atlanta area. When developers prepared the land in 1951, they filled in several lakes to create more usable space. Today, the residents of Lake City prefer to be known for their hospitality. They identify themselves as the City of Friendly People.

Hospitality at Home

It used to be that the living room or parlor was the space for social gatherings and family time. Today, hospitality begins in the kitchen. Not only is this the place to prepare food for hungry guests, but it is also a gathering space. In homes with open floor plans, there is not a clear distinction between the kitchen and the dining room. Homeowners may use a large kitchen island for both meal preparation and informal dining.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Lake City

Do you find that you are spending more quality time in the kitchen? An upgrade to quartz_countertops from Click Countertops can give you a cooking space that is both practical and beautiful.

Manufactured with a Sense of Style

Busy families may want the elegant look of natural stone countertops, but they do not want the extra work that goes into maintaining them. Our engineered stone products mimic the look of natural granite and marble without additional sealant coats or specialized cleaning techniques.

The key is a production process developed by Italian stoneworkers in the 1960s. Quarrying and stone cutting always leave fragments of stone. These stoneworkers found they could use a stone powder and bind it together with a polymer resin. When they varied the content of the stone dust, they could create different colors and patterns in the final product. Quartz is the primary stone, but marble and granite are often in the mix.

Local Lake City, Georgia Quartz Countertops

After decades of experimenting, there are many varieties of engineered stone products available. Over the years, we have found that customers find the number of choices overwhelming. For this reason, we only stock a few patterns that meet most customer design needs. Whether you want something simple like our Carrara Visconti Quartz or bold veins like our Regal Statuary Quartz, we can find the right product for your home.

A Practical Solution

While you want an attractive kitchen space, everything in the kitchen must be functional. Beautiful countertops are no help if you do not feel comfortable using them. Engineered stone is a durable product with a smooth finish. The combination of stone dust and resin makes a strong, non-porous barrier that resists staining and scratches. With normal cleaning and care, this product will give you years of beautiful service.

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Work with a Winning Team

Our professional installation team can hardly wait for that moment when a customer sees his or her finished countertops for the first time. It is the culmination of a process that we have worked for over two decades to perfect. If you are looking for quartz_countertops in your Lake City home, Click Countertops will give you great service and smooth installation at a competitive price.