4 Kitchen Changes To Make In Your Home This Year

Written by Lou Martin – Jan 28, 2021

4 Kitchen Changes To Make In Your Home This Year

As we dive into 2021, there are many things to focus on, but today, I want to talk specifically about your home. Many of us were home more in 2020 and will more than likely still be home more in 2021. Boo! But, this isn’t all bad. Being home more can be a good thing, too, so soak it in. For some of us, we are focusing on changes to make in our home this year, which can be so fun! If you are considering working on your home and doing projectshere are a few fun kitchen changes that could be fun:

#1 Your Cabinet Doors

A recent trend that I have seen has been see-through cabinet doors. I don’t know about you, but having cabinets that you can see through is so gorgeous and not very practical (at least for me, haha!). I’m not one to keep my dishes perfectly showcased and organized, but those that do, need to look into this trend! Having see-through cabinets used to be a trend a while ago in country kitchens, and now it is making a massive comeback in kitchens, no matter the style or theme. Adding glass doors to your cabinets is a relatively easy and inexpensive addition that looks fantastic!

#2 Or Consider Painted Cabinets

If you aren’t too fond of see-through cabinet doors, try painted cabinets instead! Out with the traditional yellow or brown wood and in with the painted wood! This trend is not necessarily a new trend – it has been around for quite some time. White was in for a long while (and I think it will always be “in” – you can read more about this below), but now I see more and more out of the box colors. From deep blue to gray, I’m loving the trend of painted cabinets! When you paint your cabinets, make sure you are well-versed in the technique you need to use to paint them. This is important to make sure you will love your cabinets once they are finished! Do a little bit of research on Google, and you will be good to go. Also, make sure you consider the other colors you currently have in your kitchen. If your floors are cherry red, you wouldn’t want maroon cabinets. In the end, it comes down to what you prefer – everyone is different! 

4 Kitchen Changes To Make In Your Home This Year

#3 Upgraded Countertops

One thing that you MUST do if you plan to update your kitchen? Upgrade your countertops to quartz. Click Countertops offers kitchen quartz countertops in Johns Creek, and they will totally upgrade the look of your kitchen in a blink of an eye – and they offer affordable (yet jaw dropping) options, too! “The Click Countertops system is different. The Click model is completely consumer-focused and different compared to the traditional material supplier focused model. That means we focus on what is best for the consumer and how we can make it “Amazon easy.” The Click network is passionate about creating exceptional customer experiences and building relationships that transcend. Our satisfied customers become our highest performing sales team. The material is the material, the difference-maker becomes the people and the process.” If you go on their site, they have a really cool feature to see the countertops in your home – before anyone else steps foot inside your home. Check that out to brainstorm before reaching out to them and setting up a stress-free consultation!

Click Countertops in Johns Creek, Georgia


#4 An All White Kitchen

If you haven’t heard of this kitchen trend, you have been living under a rock. All-white kitchens have been a vast increasing trend over the past year. It just looks so clean and classic to me, and I honestly think it will never go out of style. If you’re scared about a trend going out of style but want to find a way to update your kitchen, I would definitely recommend going with this trend because it will always stay in-style or come back in style after a few other trends pass. Another option if you do not like a stark white look is by doing cream-colored. That is in and so beautiful, too.

Kitchen trends come and go as the years go by, but one thing will always stay the same – your kitchen is where your family comes to eat and make memories over the food you put on the table. Do you have a favorite kitchen trend, or are you upgrading your kitchen? Let me know what your favorite trend is! If you’re planning on upgrading your kitchen, make sure you check out Click Countertops for all of our countertop needs. You will not regret it one bit!