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Johns Creek Quartz Countertops

Residents of Johns Creek, GA, are fortunate. Their city is considered one of the premier locations to live in the country. In 2017, the community came in at number three in USA Today’s 50 Best Cities Live In. A major reason for this rating is the history of the city. Johns Creek is a young city founded in 1981. It began as an office park that grew to include locations for more than 200 companies. Residences, recreation areas and shopping centers came along with the commercial growth. This community attracts young professionals from around the world and is one of the most diverse cities in Georgia. You can see the results in April at the annual Johns Creek International Festival.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Johns Creek

The Kitchen as a Community Center

In newer homes, the kitchen often has an open space plan that includes room for food preparation and dining. This arrangement means that the kitchen is a more social area than in years past. Both guests and the host will enjoy one another’s company while preparing food together. When social events move from your living room to your kitchen, you need a space that is practical while stylish. The quartz countertops at Click Countertops give you a unique look with a high level of functionality.

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Is it time for new countertops?

Over time, your countertops will begin to show the signs of heavy use. Where there is food preparation, there are sure to be spills and stains. Chips and scratches happen anyplace where sharp utensils are at work. You may even remember the incidents that caused each mark. However, your guests will see a kitchen that looks worn down and not so clean.

Local Johns Creek, Georgia Quartz Countertops

A Smooth, Shiny Surface

Our engineered stone countertops have the look and feel of natural stone. The companies that produce these products use real stone material in the manufacturing process. Quartz is the primary stone ingredient, but the producer will also incorporate pieces of marble, granite and glass to create different patterns. They grind the stone mixture into dust and combine it with a polymer seal. The final product has a smooth, durable surface.

While the countertops may look like natural stone, they have some advantages over marble and granite. The quartz product is self-sealing. It does not require an extra coating for stain resistance. Because it is a uniform surface, there are no pits or crevices where bacteria can grow and dust can gather.

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From an Idea to a Reality

At Click Countertops, we have perfected the process of kitchen countertop replacement. Our team will come to your Johns Creek home and measure your space. Once we know how much of the material you need, we can determine your project price. From there, we will handle the cutting, shaping and edging of your countertops.

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Thousands of Georgia residents can tell you how our company makes countertop replacement an easy process. We strive to provide our clients with quality customer service and a short turnaround time. If you are thinking about replacing your current kitchen countertops in Johns Creek, contact us to learn how quartz_countertops may be the right choice.

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