How To Care For Quartz Countertops

Written by Amy Marie – Oct 20, 2020

Ready for more fun things about adulthood and homeownership? Did you know there is more than one way to care for your kitchen countertops… yup! You read that right. Some stain easier, some need to be resealed, and some chip! Shocked? I was too – but its the price you pay for a gorgeous kitchen with sparking countertops!

Today I am going to share how to care for Quartz. They are super gorgeous and fairly easy to care for. But, let start with the most important thing first… what is Quartz? Its a stone consisting of premium, durable materials, resulting in a low maintenance surface resistant to scratches and stains. I told ya! Easy! With a little TLC these countertops can remain beautiful and durable for years.

Basic Cleaning

To start a damp cloth is always helpful for a quick spill. It’s best to clean it up right away so it doesn’t settle, harden, or get sticky. I personally love using my Swedish Dish Clothes which I talk more about in this post. It’s important to avoid hard chemicals like bleach. However, tough spots can be gently scrapped with a razor blade.

Spills and Stains

You can deeply clean the surface with a non-abrasive scrub pad and cleanser, rinse thoroughly, and buff with a damp cloth. Please refer to end of this post for a list of SAFE cleaners! Another way is to soak a paper towel on top of the stain for a few moment in attempts to lift the stain.

Durable but not indestructible

Don’t be fooled – these countertops are easy to care for but they are not indestructible. Quartz can be damaged when in contact with strong chemicals and solvents. Avoid products containing trichloroethane or methylene chloride including paint removers, car battery liquid, furniture strippers, oven cleaners, and products containing bleach. These products can cause permanent discoloration and damage to the surface. In any case that one of these chemicals comes in contact with a surface, wipe immediately, clean with water, and use a vinegar based cleanser.

Another way you may not know you can easily damage your countertop is with with a hot item. It’s best to keep hot items on the stove or use a pot holder to not directly place the hot item on the countertops.

Lastly, never apply excessive force as it may lead to chipping or minor damage to the countertops.

Safe household cleaners

  • Simple Green Lime-scale remover
  • Formula 409 Glass and Surface Cleaner
  • Vinegar cleaner (diluted)
  • Lysol
  • Bar Keepers Friend
  • Greased Lightning

Morrow Quartz Countertops

There you have it – its very easy I promise and it will help these last a long time in your home!

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