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Griffin Quartz Countertops

As a winner of the Georgia Live, Work and Play City Award, the city of Griffin offers small-town charm with wise city planning. Residents are within an hour of Atlanta, but the cost of living is much more affordable. Recently, the city funded a new campus of the University of Georgia in their community. Because of this thoughtful investment in the city, new residents are arriving, and new small businesses are redeveloping the downtown area. Griffin is a small city on the move.

Thoughtful Design in Home Improvement

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Griffin

When you purchase a house, you do not get to choose the kitchen design. The sense of style of the previous owners determines the features of your cooking space. The counters may show signs of wear after years of service. When it comes time to update your kitchen, consider a surface that is well-designed and reliable. Professionally-installed quartz countertops will give your kitchen a renewed and stylish look.

The Advantages of Engineered Stone

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The manufacturers of our quartz material mix powdered quartz and other stones with a polymer resin that dries to a hard shell. The resulting product has distinct properties that make it the perfect counter surface for many homes.

A Durable Surface

Engineered stone is a strong material. It can withstand the pressures of day-to-day use without flinching. The polymer seal is both chip and scratch-resistant. High heat can damage the resin and leave a rough patch. We recommend using a trivet for items hot off the stove.

Simple Maintenance

The resin that makes the product durable also seals it from water. Natural stone counters like marble and granite require a regular seal coating to prevent stains. Our quartz material resists spills without extra maintenance. This material is also easy to clean, though abrasive cleaning tools can dull the finish. A sponge or towel paired with a mild glass and surface cleaner is all it takes to keep your countertops looking their best.

Stylish Choices

Manufacturers can change the look of the quartz material by varying the ingredients of the stone mix. Using only clear quartz gives you a simple white countertop like our Tundra Quartz. Creative variations will add dramatic veins of color or subtle accents. Our Churchill Honed Quartz has a dark base with thin white veins. It will give your counter the look of sophisticated marble.

From a Dream to Reality

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We are certain that you will find a pattern in our selection that will meet your kitchen design needs. Our team will handle measuring your space and shaping your countertops. The edging of your countertops is another important style choice. A beveled edge gives your counters the look of a natural stone slab. When your counter space doubles as a dining area, you may want a more dramatic ogee or demi bullnose edge.

Whatever your style needs, our team is ready to help. After years in the counter replacement business, we have streamlined our process to minimize the time between your order and the final installation. When Click Countertops installs the quartz countertops at your Griffin home, you will be thrilled with the results. If it is time to update your kitchen, feel free to contact us.