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Grayson Quartz Countertops

The city of Grayson, GA, sits in the shadow of Stone Mountain. When the city was first incorporated in the 1880s, it consisted of a general store and post office at a crossroads. For reasons lost to history, its original name was Trip. The citizens changed the name to Grayson after a couple of false starts when they chose names that were already on the state register. Today, residents enjoy parades and entertainment at the annual Grayson Day festival in the summer. Many folks look forward to relaxing weekends spent fishing at the lakes at Tribble Mill Park.

The Joy of an Updated Kitchen

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Grayson

People spend hours in their kitchens preparing food for family and friends. For some people, cooking is a chore, but others find it to be a joy as they experiment with new recipes and flavors. A functional kitchen does not need to lack style. A new set of quartz countertops is a kitchen update that is both practical and attractive.

Finding the Right Countertops

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You have many choices when it comes to countertops. At the high end, there are natural stone surfaces like marble and granite. Other people are content with a laminate product. Engineered stone countertops fall somewhere in between. They have a stonelike appearance with the uniformity of a manufactured product.

The reason that this material looks like stone is because manufacturers use real stone in the production process. There are many types of quartz found in nature. However, because of its crystalline structure, quartz is not strong enough to serve as a surface material. Instead, the manufacturers pulverize quartz and other stones into a powder. They bind everything together with a polymer sealing compound. The finished product has a smooth, uniform surface with surprising durability.

A Variety of Styles

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Over the years, engineered stone producers have experimented with different mixtures of stone. Due to differences in chemistry, quartz comes in several colors like rose quartz and blue quartz. Adding marble or granite into the stone dust can produce a veined appearance. Glass and other elements can add accents of color. Our Allure Quartz has a white base color with gold accents and light gray veins. Whether you want a simple or sophisticated look in your Grayson kitchen, we will help you find a product that matches your style.

Building Your Dream Kitchen

The right countertops are an essential piece of the kitchen design puzzle. Attractive counters can double as serving and dining spaces. One of the advantages of our quartz products is that you can be confident that the surface is clean. The polymer compound that gives your counter its smooth texture is also water-resistant. Spills wipe away easily with a sponge or soft towel. There are no special cleaning instructions. Simply wipe your counters with your favorite glass and surface cleaner. You should avoid harsh chemicals like bleach that can react with the sealant.

The Right Kitchen Team

Click Countertops has over two decades of experience in the counter replacement industry. We will help you achieve your goal of a beautiful and functional kitchen. Feel free to reach out to us for more information about the benefits of quartz countertops in your Grayson home.