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The city of East Point gets its name from the old railway that used to bring residents into Atlanta. This city was the eastern terminus of the Atlanta and West Point Railroad. At that time, the region was known for its fields of grain and cotton. Today, many residents still head to Atlanta to get to work. One of East Point’s unique attractions is the East Point velodrome. Inspired by a visit to the Munich Olympics, this banked cycle-racing track is a place where residents of the city can really get moving.

Creating a Comfortable Home

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in East Point

Whether you are heading back from work or a day at the races, it is always good to come home. Imagine a weekend morning as your family gathers in your kitchen to make breakfast together. Picture a group of close friends enjoying a wine and cheese party in your home. These days, the kitchen is a focal point for quality family time and social events. If you want to improve the look of your cooking space, we recommend quartz countertops as an elegant solution.

The Look of Real Stone

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At first glance, it can be difficult to tell the difference between our engineered stone countertops and our natural stone products. Quartz is a beautiful crystal, but its crystalline structure is too fragile to work as an effective building material on its own. Manufacturers use real quartz as one of the ingredients in these countertops. They grind quartz fragments along with other rocks like marble and granite. By varying the components of the dust, they can create a variety of patterns and styles. Then, they add a polymer binding product that dries into a hard shell.

This new material has some advantages over natural stone. The polymer seal is water-resistant and does not require extra seal coats like marble or granite. The surface of the product is uniformly smooth. This quality prevents dips or crevices where dust and bacteria can gather.

Choosing Your Countertops

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Most homeowners do not have a specific pattern in mind when they choose a countertop. Often, they want countertops that contrast with their cabinets and woodwork. For example, our Concrete Quartz product provides a dark contrast to a light-colored setting. Other homeowners desire a uniform look. In this case, our white Tundra Quartz product would be an appropriate choice for a light wood kitchen. We intentionally limit the number of styles that we carry to simplify the process.

Once you choose your pattern, you also want to consider your choice of edging. An ogee edging gives you the style of a dining room table if you use your counter for serving. A simple bevel gives your counters a traditional, solid look.

Choosing Your Countertop Partner

At Click Countertops, we understand the science of countertop replacement. Our team will bring you through the entire process without any stress. Thousands of Georgia customers can testify to our ability to provide excellent customer service in a timely fashion. If you are ready for a new set of beautiful quartz countertops in your East Point home, give us a call.