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Dunwoody Quartz Countertops

The city of Dunwoody, GA, is a mix of small-town charm with sustained growth. If you look on the city calendar, you will find several events that make you think of simpler times. Apple Cider Days in the fall and Lemonade Days in the summer are local festivals that bring family and friends together. At the same time, Dunwoody has seen economic growth in recent years. Over a few decades, the 1971 Perimeter Mall has blossomed into Perimeter Center, a nexus for commercial business in the Atlanta area.

Moving Toward a Modern Kitchen

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Dunwoody

All things change with time, including your countertops. Although they may have served you well, you may notice the cracks and stains that show their age. You may also find that your kitchen has become a more social space. Many families gather every evening to prepare meals and spend quality time together. If kids are helping in the kitchen, you want your counters to be safe and clean. At Click Countertops, we think that quartz countertops are a practical solution to update your space.

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A Sturdy Surface

Local Dunwoody Quartz Countertops

Serious cooking requires a strong surface. While we always recommend using a cutting board to protect your counters, they still must deal with the repeated blows of food preparation like chopping and tenderizing. One of the benefits of our engineered stone products is their sturdiness. The manufacturing process uses a polymer resin that dries to a hard shell. The resulting countertops are scratch-resistant and non-porous. They can handle a dropped utensil or unexpected food spill.

Because they are water-resistant, they do not stain easily. Just wipe up the mess with a sponge or towel. Your counters will be ready for the next project. The non-porous nature also prevents the growth of bacteria and other microbes.

These are strong countertops, but they are not indestructible. Abrasive cleaning tools can dull the finish. High heat can leave rough patches where the resin contracts. It is always best to use a trivet or hot pad when dealing with a hot dish.

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Remarkable Beauty

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People are often surprised that a manufactured product can look so much like natural stone. The secret is that stone is one of the main ingredients in the material. The manufacturers grind up pieces of rock that are leftover from quarrying and stone cutting. Quartz is the primary substance, but marble and granite are often in the mix. Some producers use colored glass or mirror shards to produce unique styles.

As a result, you can easily find a countertop material that will meet your kitchen design needs. We have styles that evoke the classic look of dark marble. Some varieties include subtle accents of color. Whether you are looking for something traditional or modern, we can match you with the right countertop.

The Click Countertops Difference

Replacing your countertops is a job for professionals. Our team uses specialized tools to properly cut and edge your counters. With over twenty years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients, Click Countertops is the team that will help deliver your dream kitchen. To find out more about the possibilities of quartz countertops in your Dunwoody home, contact us today.

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