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Douglasville Quartz Countertops

Walking in downtown Douglasville is like taking a few steps back in time. The central area of this old railroad city is on the National Register of Historic Places. As you walk by a variety of small shops and restaurants, you will appreciate the details of the Victorian-era architecture. There is more to Douglasville than old-time appeal. It is the county seat of Douglas County and a comfortable bedroom community for many people who work in Atlanta.

From Traditional to Modern Use

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Douglasville

Even if you appreciate an old-fashioned look in your home, you should not have to deal with ancient countertops. Older kitchens were often private areas of a home. The modern kitchen is a shared space where family members and guests gather as they prepare food together. If visitors are in any area of your home, you want it to look its best. Upgrading your kitchen with quartz countertops from Click Countertops is a practical solution.

A Classic Created by Innovation

Local Douglasville Quartz Countertops

Many people consider natural stone to be the standard in fine countertops. If it is not marble or granite, they will look the other way. However, natural stone countertops bring some challenges. Granite and marble are porous. Unless you regularly apply a seal coating, spills will cause permanent stains. The natural imperfections of these countertops result in crevices that collect dust and allow microbial growth.

Our engineered stone countertops have the look of natural stone without the hassle of maintenance. To produce this material, manufacturers mix dust made of pulverized stone with a polymer binding compound. When this mixture dries and hardens, you have a smooth, durable surface that resists water. The non-porous polymer resin creates a barrier that prevents liquid spills from getting into the countertop. A simple wipe with a towel is all it takes to get your counters clean.

Beautiful Choices

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The manufacturing process for our quartz material has been around since the early 1960s. Although the basic process has not changed, producers have experimented with the stone mixture. By adding dyes and other elements, they can form materials with unusual patterns and color schemes.

There are so many choices that homeowners often get overwhelmed by the possibilities. To make the countertop replacement process faster, we have chosen to limit the number of varieties we carry. However, we are positive that you will find a product that works with your style and color scheme. Our Tundra Quartz is a pure white surface without any accents. It is perfect for homeowners who want a simple design, and it contrasts well with dark-colored cabinetry. Our Churchill Honed Quartz has a dark gray base color with thin white veins. This quartz will give your countertops the look of classic marble.

Professional Countertop Installation

Once you choose your product, the hard work falls on our team. We will handle the measuring, cutting and placement. At Click Countertops, we stand by our ethic of hard work that has led us through thousands of successful home projects in the state of Georgia. If you want to know more about the beauty and strength of quartz countertops in your Douglasville home, feel free to contact us.