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Doraville Quartz Countertops

The city of Doraville, GA, has been around since 1871. However, much has changed over the years. If you take a drive down Buford Highway, you will encounter restaurants with food from around the world. Doraville is an international city where over half the residents speak English as a second language. It is also the home to corporations like the Big Green Egg outdoor grill company and Serta Simmons Bedding. This combination of ethnic diversity and corporate investment will keep Doraville a thriving city for years to come.

The Gift of Hospitality

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Doraville

Whether you come from near or far, it is always good to feel welcome. Georgia residents are known for their hospitality. A well-designed kitchen can encourage that feeling. Imagine a space where you can entertain your guests as you prepare delicious food. Imagine a space where you can spend time with your family members putting together a healthy meal. A new set of quartz countertops can play a big role in making that vision a reality.

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The Beauty of Quartz

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Rose quartz. Blue quartz. Smoky quartz. There are many dazzling variations of this crystal. Some people collect quartz stones to decorate their homes with natural beauty. Unfortunately, this igneous stone is too fragile for use as a home surface on its own.

A production technique developed in Italy makes it possible to incorporate quartz into a sturdy building material. They pulverize fragments of quartz, marble and granite. This stone powder is then bound together with a polymer sealing compound. The result is a surface that is highly durable with the look of natural stone.

While these countertops have been popular in Europe for decades, American consumers may be more familiar with the material as flooring. Builders like to use the quartz material in areas like shopping malls and building entryways. It can withstand the pressures of high foot traffic while maintaining its shine. It is also easy to clean and resists the stains of spilled sodas.

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A Durable Kitchen Surface

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These same qualities make this the perfect countertop material for many homes. It has the appearance and feel of natural stone without the imperfections and extra care. The quartz material provides a smooth, durable surface for all your cooking and serving needs.

The polymer compound that binds the material is non-porous. This quality means that spills are not a cleaning emergency. It also makes for a surface that resists microbial growth. Household bacteria do not have any crevices in which to hide. Your basic cleaning routine with a mild glass and surface cleaner is all it takes to keep your counters safe and beautiful.

Working with the Click Countertops Team

After more than twenty years in the kitchen counter business, the staff at Click Countertops has countertop replacement down to a science. We take pride in our ability to offer quality service with a short timeline. Our team will handle all the heavy lifting from the first measurement to the final installation. If you are considering quartz countertops for your Doraville home, contact us today.

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