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DeKalb County Quartz_Countertops

DeKalb County is one of the most diverse regions in Georgia. It contains a small amount of the city of Atlanta as well as several suburbs. People from around the world have come to this area to work at one of the many corporate offices and research facilities located here. At the same time, this part of Georgia has much to offer nature lovers with scenic bike paths and the majestic granite peak of Stone Mountain rising over the landscape.

A Face Lift for Your Home

You may not think about your countertops very much. In many homes, they are a functional necessity without much visual appeal. However, upgrading your countertops can change the feel of your home. Our quartz_countertops have the sparkle of quartz and the shine of polished stone. When Click Countertops handles your replacement project, you are working with a partner who will keep things simple from start to finish.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in DeKalb County

Practical and Attractive

Countertops must be durable enough to handle the challenges of daily use. Your kitchen countertops deal with splatters and spills. When you drop a knife or another utensil, it can leave a scratch or chip in the finish.

Engineered stone countertops are as sturdy as they are beautiful. This material is made from a mix of stone dust and a polymer compound. As a result, your countertops will be chip and scratch-resistant. They will last for years of household use with regular care.

The surface of this material is non-porous. An accidental spill is not an emergency. You can wipe up messes with a paper towel without worrying about the counter’s finish. Cleaning the counter is also an easy task. There are no special tools required. Just spray them with a mild glass and surface cleaner. Then, wipe them down with a non-abrasive towel or sponge.

Local DeKalb County, Georgia Quartz Countertops

Elegant Choices

Manufacturers make the quartz countertop material using ground quartz as a base. If they only use plain quartz, you end up with a product like our Tundra Quartz. This countertop has a plain white color that sparkles in the light.

Over decades of experimentation, producers have used variations in the stone mix to create different patterns and colors. Some designs include wide veins like our Regal Statuary Quartz. Other products have subtle accents like the soft gold veins of our Allure Quartz. We are sure that you will find a design in our selection that will enhance your home.

An Easy Process

Once you choose your material, our team can get to work. We sell our engineered stone countertops by the square foot. An accurate measurement will let you know the price of your project as well as give us the information we need to start cutting, shaping and edging your countertops.

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We pride ourselves on high levels of customer service and satisfaction. Our team will make the installation day as painless as possible. We will come prepared to work and clean up when we finish. If you want a professional partner to install quartz_countertops at your DeKalb County location, contact Click Countertops today.