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Decatur Quartz Countertops

Decatur, GA, has a storied history reaching back to colonial days. Today, the city is the home of Emory University and a few other academic institutions. This city is the place to go for art and music lovers in Georgia. The Decatur BBQ, Blues and Bluegrass Festival brings musicians from around the country. The annual Decatur Book Festival gives you a chance to meet new authors. You can end a day in Decatur with a quiet walk in the Glenn Creek Nature Preserve or live music at one of several downtown venues.

Creating a Welcoming Space

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Decatur GA

The city of Decatur frequently welcomes out-of-town guests. Homeowners in the city also do their share of hosting. If you spend a good deal of time in the kitchen, you want it to be a pleasant place to be for a few hours. Today’s kitchen can be just as much of a gathering place as it is a space for food preparation. New quartz countertops can help make your kitchen an attractive place for you and your guests.

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An Innovative Material

Local Decatur, GA Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a beautiful stone with many varieties. Crystals of this volcanic rock formed as magma cooled millions of years ago. Unfortunately, it is rare to find a piece of solid quartz large enough to shape into a countertop. Also, natural quartz is more fragile than other stone surfaces like marble and granite.

In the early 1960s, an Italian manufacturer created a method to turn small pieces of quartz and other stone byproducts into a countertop surface. The company ground the quartz and stone fragments into dust. This mixture was combined with a polymer resin that dried into a hard surface. By varying the contents of the stone mixture, manufacturers could create new patterns and colors in their material. This new building material was non-porous and scratch-resistant. It was perfect for kitchen countertops that would deal with the pressures of cutting and chopping.

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Ease of Care

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Part of the beauty of the quartz material is its easy maintenance. It does not require any extra sealing like other natural stone countertops. The polymer resin provides a water-resistant seal that minimizes worries about staining and makes for easy cleanup.

These countertops do not require special cleaning tools or products. You can use mild household cleaners designed for glass surfaces to keep your counters shiny. Chemicals like bleach can react with the polymer compound and leave a mark. It is always best to test a new cleaning product on a hidden part of the counter.

Installing Your Countertops

Properly measuring and cutting the quartz material is a job for professionals. Thankfully, the experts at Click Countertops have more than twenty years of experience in counter replacement. The price of our countertops is based on square footage. Our initial measurement will determine the cost of your project.

Once you select the style of your quartz and the type of edging, our team will be there soon for the installation day. At Click Countertops, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide high-quality service without delay. Call us to learn more about how quartz countertops can enhance your Decatur kitchen.

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