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Dacula Quartz Countertops

Dacula is a growing community in Georgia’s Gwinnett County. Its unusual name is a combination of Decatur and Atlanta, cities that were thriving at the time of its founding. Today, Dacula is excited to be at the center of Georgia’s Innovation Crescent. A growing number of life science and medical research organizations are building facilities in the area. The lure of innovation has led to a local economic boom and new neighbors for Dacula residents.

Updating to a Modern Kitchen

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Dacula

The kitchen used to be a purely functional space for food preparation. Guests waited in the living room until it was time to serve the meal in a formal dining room. Modern kitchens often use a more open concept. There is plenty of space to mingle. A bar-style counter might double as an informal dining table. In this arrangement, the host never needs to be far from his or her guests. However, this also means that your guests have a clear view of the condition of your kitchen. If your current counters are showing their years, it may be time to update to quartz countertops from Click.

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Enchanting Style

Local Dacula Quartz Countertops

Our engineered stone products have the reflective quality of polished marble and granite. However, they do not have the imperfections common in natural stone. You will have a smooth, functional surface in a style that works with your current décor.

Whether you like the contrast of light and dark or prefer a more uniform approach, we can supply a countertop with the look you desire. Our Concrete Quartz has a neutral base of natural grey stone with small accents of color. The Catalina Quartz surface has a soft-white base with light gray veins. Whatever style you choose, we know that you will love the look of your improved kitchen.

Easy Maintenance

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Although these countertops have the look of natural stone, they do not have the maintenance that comes with granite or marble. Natural stone countertops are porous and require a periodic seal coating to prevent stains. The polymer compound that binds the quartz product together creates a long-lasting seal. An accidental spill only requires the wipe of a towel.

You can clean your new countertops with the same products that you use in other parts of the kitchen. Harsh chemicals like bleach can react with the resin, so it is best to avoid them. Abrasive cleaning tools can dull the finish. A soft sponge or cloth is perfect for keeping your counters looking their best.

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Long-Lasting Beauty

With proper care, the quartz countertops in your Dacula home will last for many years. The polymer resin is scratch-resistant and chip-resistant. High heat can lead to damage, so we recommend using a trivet for hot dishes. Otherwise, these countertops will provide a safe, strong and beautiful space for preparing your next meal.

Work with an Experienced Partner

The crew at Click Countertops has added new counters to the kitchens of thousands of Georgia residents. We combine a commitment to customer service with a high level of professional skill. Contact us today. We look forward to helping you build your dream kitchen in Dacula.

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