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Carroll County Granite Countertops

Walking through downtown Carrollton gives you a taste of what Carroll County has to offer. Historic buildings house an eclectic array of independent shops and restaurants. This area has a small-town feel with a contemporary vibe. You can enjoy a day of hiking the trails at Little Tallapoosa Park and take in an evening concert of the Carroll Symphony Orchestra. Carroll County has a little something for everyone.

Taking on a New Project

When your Carroll County day is done, it always feels good to come home. Many families have adopted an evening ritual of preparing a meal together as they talk about their day. Some updated kitchens have a more open floor plan that allows for social gatherings. However, if your current countertops are old and worn, you will be less likely to want to share the space with other people. New granite countertops from Click Countertops will upgrade the look of your kitchen and create a more positive atmosphere.

Granite Kitchen Countertops Installation in Carroll County

Durable Excellence with Natural Stone

When people think about new countertops, they may first consider natural stone like marble or granite. Our natural stone products provide an enduring option. Granite is an igneous rock that is made up of primarily quartz and feldspar. It is formed by the cooling and solidification of magma (molten rock that is underground). This rock contains the natural stone that makes up countertops and other surfaces

Once the large blocks of granite are cut into big slabs, the surfaces must be polished to bring out the natural colors and patterns and make them smooth to the touch. This is done by running the slabs horizontally through slab polishing machines.

After the slabs are polished, they are put into bundles of 6-7 slabs, almost always in the order they were cut from the block (in order to create bundles that have consistent patterning and color). These bundles are placed into large shipping containers and transported to the US by boat. The containers are off-loaded there before starting the journey over land to wholesale supplier in cities around the country.

When they are done, the resulting product is perfect as a usable surface for your home. The durable material can withstand the daily challenges of the kitchen. You can slice, chop, and tenderize to your heart’s content. The scratch and chip-resistant surface will last for years to come.

Local Carroll County, Georgia Granite Countertops

Spectacular Choices

In our collection, you can find designs that dazzle. Our Haverhill Granite from Brazil is a durable polished slab granite of whites and gray with medium variation. It blends in well with a dark color scheme. Vail White Granite features a Dalmatian-Esque look, with onyx and graphite overlaying a pale, pearly backdrop and adds the perfect touch for a classical sense of style.

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Minimal Maintenance

The manufacturing process creates a uniformly smooth surface. Coupled with its non-porous nature, this makes for easy cleanup. To prevent dulling the finish, you want to avoid abrasive cleaners. Your standard surface and glass cleaner with a soft cloth is all it takes for a winning shine.

Stress-Free Installation

At Click Countertops, we have helped thousands of Georgia residents improve the look of their homes. Our staff will deliver your new countertops with high efficiency and low stress. If you want to update your kitchen or bathroom with granite countertops, contact our team today.