Budget-Friendly Bathroom Fixes

Written by Kuleigh Baker – Dec 17, 2020

Early next year we are planning some flooring upgrades to finish out the rest of our nursery/office wing with laminate wood flooring. At the same time, I’m eager to do a mini bathroom remodel to our guest bathroom in the hallway! Our house was built in the early 2000s and almost everything is the original builder grade. While it’s not the least aesthetically pleasing, it could use a few simple upgrades to really transform the space. If you’re planning a similar remodel, here are a few ideas for budget-friendly bathroom fixes that will help you make a large impact on a small budget.


We’ve been toying with the idea of painting the old laminate floors but if we’re going to hire out the flooring work anyway, we may as well just replace it at the same time so the transitions will be crisp and seamless! I love the idea of old black and white subway tile. My husband and I aren’t scared of a little DIY project but we are limited on time since we both work full time outside the home. We really want to get this project right the first time so I’m willing to splurge a bit on a contractor for the flooring and countertops.


Regal Statuary


I’ve been looking at options from Click Countertops and I love how they take the guesswork out of the buying process. The company offers a quality selection of popular quartz countertops in Alpharetta. When we’re ready to upgrade our vanity sinks they do that too! Since our toddler’s bathroom is also our guest bathroom, I want the design to be both playful and functional. I’m imagining lots of white balanced by pops of color. The Regal Statuary colorway is clean and white with classic grey veining throughout. Their quartz is engineered stone made of premium, durable materials, resulting in a low maintenance surface resistant to scratches and stains– perfect for grubby little hands! You can clean it with a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleaners like Simple Green, 409, and vinegar that you probably have on-hand at home anyway.

Click Countertops client bathroom with Regal Statuary quartz.

Click Countertops client bathroom with Regal Statuary quartz.


Towel racks don’t work very well with hooded baby towels so I’d love to replace our dated silver bar with a fun set of hooks. I’m not sure our budget will allow for new fixtures just yet but I’d love to have a waterfall faucet eventually. I love their sleek design and they help tiny hands reach over the bowl! I think the hardware will be a good place to mix metals– we’ll probably stick with one finish on the main fixtures like the faucets and add in accent metal colors through the cabinet knobs and hooks.


We don’t have any drawer space so cute containers for collecting bath toys and toiletries are essential to tame our limited cabinet space. It’s time to swap out the old over the toilet storage rack for some simple wooden floating shelves to organize our extra towels and keep extra soap on-hand. I know I’m not the only mom who has to beg their child not to use the whole bottle of soap at bath time! We love baskets for masking some of the mess.


Last but certainly not least, the decor needs some upgrades! We have a hodgepodge of items from our first couple of apartments that don’t fit our current style. While I don’t want any animal-themed artwork, I do want some vintage-inspired patterned bath rugs and a new shower curtain that matches our home’s cool color scheme. Our tiny abode is filled with soothing blues and greys and it only makes sense to continue that spa-like feeling in our bathroom. Bedtime is frequently a power struggle with a headstrong toddler so anything we can do to make our nighttime routine a calming experience is ideal. I think every bathroom should be a place that encourages self-care. You may as well make it a place you enjoy being! We’ll bring in pops of color and cozy textures through the textiles. A vintage rug is a perfect base to start with.

I feel like even just one of these easy bathroom upgrades will make a huge difference and I can’t wait to see it all come together. I’d love to hear any tips you may have if you’ve done a similar project recently!

I mean… anything has to be an upgrade from this mess, right? This is real mom life!


Kuleigh Baker

Thistle Bee