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Brookhaven only became a city in 2012. However, it has a much longer history. The area was known as a summer retreat for Atlanta residents in the early 1900s. A nine-hole golf course was a major attraction at the time. Today, Brookhaven families spend more time enjoying international foods and the largest indoor playground in Georgia at Plaza Fiesta. For a tranquil afternoon, a walk around the lake at Murphy Candler Park is a pleasant outing.

New Kitchen Possibilities

No matter how you spend your day in Brookhaven, it is always rewarding to enjoy a beautiful space at home. Modern families spend a great deal of time together in the kitchen. Food preparation is often a family bonding experience. When everyone is busy working at the counter, you want to know that it is a clean, safe and reliable surface. At Click Countertops, we have helped many clients discover that quartz countertops provide a durable counter with exceptional style.

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Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Brookhaven, GA

The quartz material is an engineered stone product. Manufacturers take fragments of stones like quartz and marble and bind them together in a polymer resin. This process is a creative way to reuse the byproducts of other quarrying and stone-finishing processes. By recycling these stone leftovers, the manufacturers produce a material that is both practical and beautiful.

Extreme Durability

In many shopping centers, builders include flooring material created through this process. They appreciate that the material can withstand the daily pressure of shopping carts and foot traffic. It is also quite easy to clean. The quartz material is non-porous, so accidental spills will not leave stains. These qualities make it an excellent choice for your next kitchen countertops.

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One of the advantages of this product is that the manufacturing process reduces the number of natural imperfections. You will have a uniform, smooth surface. Because the polymer binding is non-porous, bacteria and other microbes do not have a place to gather and grow. With normal cleaning, you can trust that you will have a safe surface when your kids are helping to prepare your next meal.

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Easy Cleaning

Cleaning countertops made from quartz does not require special products or extra effort. Granite and marble countertops need an annual seal coating. In the quartz product, the production process creates a long-lasting seal. Using an abrasive scrub pad on your counters may dull the finish. You should also avoid cleaning products that contain bleach or other harsh chemicals. A simple kitchen cleaner like Lysol or Formula 409 is strong enough to keep your counters looking their best.

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The team at Click Countertops has over twenty years of experience in kitchen improvement and will help you navigate the entire process. Our skilled employees will measure your kitchen or bar to give you a clear cost and a smooth installation. We know that you will be thrilled with your final results and our service along the way. Feel free to contact us and learn more about how quartz countertops will beautify your Brookhaven kitchen.

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