From Cambria quartz countertops to bolder color palettes in 2019, we were able to catch up with Designer, Lindsey Frost, owner of Frost Designs Inc.

A native from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Lindsey has a gift for blending old world southern charm with transitional style. Learn more about how she got her start and what you can expect when working with her:

How did you get your start in Interior Design?

I grew up in the construction industry. My parents owned Interior Trim and Supply in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a building materials business that sold products like doors, mantles, linear trim, and stair parts. I loved spending time with my dad, measuring houses, and learning about the jobs that he was working on. This is where my love for interior design began.

I knew from a young age that I wanted to study interior design, and that’s exactly what I did. I worked for my parents during college, while attending the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Not only was I learning about wood species and how to sell, but I also learned what it took to be an entrepreneur. I believe this is something you can only truly learn through real-life experiences. There are some things professors just can’t teach you.

Through my senior internship at Classic Cabinetry, a local custom cabinet shop, I was able to gain a new understanding of wood species, stains, space planning, digital drafting, as well as solid surface countertops. One of my tasks during my internship was to design a new piece to go on the showroom floor. I remember being so nervous about my design but loving the ability to be creative and see this display actually come to life. Knowing that decision-making can be challenging when working on a design, my desire to help people while they are building or remodeling their homes was born.

I graduated with my degree in interior design in 2006, and my husband, Jonathan, and I quickly started a family. We have three daughters, who I have been blessed to be home with over the years and to continue my passion for design at the same time. I have been taking on design jobs for years while my children were young and I could work from home. As they got older, I knew I was ready to grow my business.

In September of 2018, I was thrilled to open Frost Designs, Inc. My dreams as a little girl of being an entrepreneur and an interior designer had come true.

What can a homeowner expect when working with you?

My bread and butter is to assist the homeowner as they are designing their custom home. I love when clients have ideas and pins of what they like, but they just don’t know how to make it all come together. Learning about a client’s style and the way their family functions helps me to understand how to create a design for them that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.

There are so many decisions to be made while building a home, and walking through those decisions with a client to keep the process from becoming overwhelming is a large part of what I do. Getting into a client’s head and bringing their desires into the design is very important to make them feel as though this is their home and not a just a magazine-worthy space. It is a great joy for a client to move into their new home and know that all of their dreams and ideas were executed in the design.



What are some current design trends you are seeing? And, what do you expect will be some big ones for 2019?

I am so happy to see some color come back into the design! I have enjoyed the whites and grays, but boy, have I missed color! We are going to see colors like ochre and red used in finishes and furnishings to create an atmosphere with more interest, warmth, and drama. I think we are also going to see people be bolder with their cabinet selections this year.

When combined with timeless white or gray countertops, such as quartz or quartzite, these bold colors are allowed to shine without feeling overwhelming. Blues, greens, classic whites and rich stains will be the most popular choices for cabinet selections this year. I also love the mixture of styles. Anything goes this year, which gives designers a great opportunity to be creative. We can combine mid-century modern with our grandmother’s antiques and abstract art for a winning combination!


What are some of your favorite countertop material/colors and why?

I love LG’s Viatera Soprano quartz for its white and creamy base combined with gold marble-like veining. It’s a great quartz to use when you are trying to accent warmer tones in cabinetry and finishes. I also enjoy using Cambria quartz countertops particularly a color called Carrick. It’s a charcoal gray that has a concrete feel. It is beautifully matched with pale blue and grey cabinets.I provide a cooler feel and works well in industrial and farmhouse designs. Everest pearl and Antique white are beautiful quartzites that provide flexibility in design and durability for life.