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Avondale Estates Quartz Countertops

A trip to downtown Avondale Estates is a bit like stepping back in time and space. In 1924, the city’s founder, George Willis, developed the planned city to remind people of William Shakespeare’s birthplace in England. Today, a variety of independent shops and restaurants populate the Tudor-style buildings. Avondale Estates is also the home of the first Waffle House in America, and you can tour a museum dedicated to the restaurant chain.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Installation in Avondale Estates

Many of the buildings and homes in Avondale Estates have an old-fashioned design on the outside, but that does not mean you want a kitchen that looks ancient. These days, an open kitchen is also a central area for entertaining guests. It should be a clean, inviting space that you enjoy. Adding quartz countertops from Click Countertops can go a long way in improving the look and feel of your kitchen.

The Advantages of Engineered Stone

The quartz product used in these countertops is not a natural stone like granite or marble. Instead, it is an engineered product made through a process that has been around since the 1960s. The production begins with a mix of stone dust and fragments. This mixture can include quartz, marble, glass and other substances that will create colors and patterns in the countertop. The manufacturer combines this mix with a polymer resin. The final quartz product has a smooth, remarkably durable surface.

Unlike marble or granite, the polymer resin in the quartz material creates a protective, non-porous barrier. There will never be a need for an additional seal coating as is common with natural stone products. The resin barrier is stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. Dropping a utensil or spilling a drink will not be a crisis with engineered stone.

The quartz product is susceptible to high heat. The polyester resin will contract and leave a rough area on the surface. It is always best to use a hot pad or trivet on your counter to prevent damage.

Local Avondale Estates, GA Quartz Countertops

At Click Countertops, we work with you through the entire process to give you quality countertops without delay. There are a few steps along the path to your new kitchen. First, you need to pick your countertop style. With too many choices, homeowners become overwhelmed, and it is difficult to make a decision. We intentionally limit the number of styles we carry to simplify your options. We are confident that you will find a product that will be perfect for your situation.

Our team will measure your space. We sell countertops by the square foot, so this step will determine the price of your project. You will also choose your counter profile from options such as a traditional bevel to a more modern ogee profile.

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At the end of the selection process, our installation team will soon be at your location to create your dream kitchen. At Click Countertops, we have helped thousands of happy clients install new countertops in their homes. Contact us today to learn more about how quartz countertops can improve your home in Avondale Estates.