The Click Countertops Story

How we deliver on Price, Speed, & Quality for your new countertops!

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  • Welcome to Click Countertops. With our experience and knowledge, we set out to evolve and innovate the way people buy new countertops. The Click Countertops system flips the traditional business model upside down. The Click model is completely consumer-focused compared to the traditional supplier focused model.
  • The principles of Click Countertops have been a part of the stone fabrication and countertop industry for over 20 years. We started small companies that grew into the industry’s biggest countertop providers. We have owned and managed companies that have installed well over 500,000 countertop installations. Needless to say, we know this industry better than most. Overall the industry is very antiquated. From the consumer perspective, the process of buying new countertops is complex, confusing, and really frustrating. We believe it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Click Model

  • PRICE offers consumers the most competitive pricing in the market. How? This model creates extreme operational efficiencies by only providing the most popular designer products. The operational cost saving is directly passed on to the consumer. We pay less to produce the countertops so you can pay less to own them.
  • SPEED– By narrowing our focus to selected designer products, we remove a lot of traditional friction points and confusion that slow a project down so we can deliver quickly..
  • QUALITY – Our model is built around a network of certified and experienced craftsmen that are business owners. Why is that important?
    • Measuring, manufacturing, and installing countertops is a highly specialized craft that requires years of experience to deliver the highest quality finished products into your home. Our certified operators have 1000’s of jobs under their belt.
    • Business owners are personally invested and have a lot of skin in the game. Their future success & livelihood relies on their customers’ satisfaction. Translation – the phone will get answered, and they are not going to leave a customer hanging, which, unfortunately, has become a normal practice in a lot of contracting trades. The lack of professionalism, communication, and service with traditional contractors results in a lot of frustration and aggravation for consumers like you.