5 Home Upgrades We Made During The Pandemic

Written by Katherine Gilbert – Nov 12, 2020

My family and I have been in our home for 15 years now. Over time as with any home we have needed to do some upgrades for awhile. We just had to make time and make sure we were financially able to make our upgrades. We were so busy with our daily lives that it was always at the bottom of our list of things to do. So because of this it took a while for us to even think about where we wanted to get started in our home. But as you all know 2020 had a surprise for us. A global pandemic is usually one thing that gives you a lot of time on your hands. So when you have extra time on your hand you usually have to find something to do. Well with our extra time we decided to get some work done in the house. There’s no time like the present right?

The first thing we did was get our bedroom door fixed. It kept coming off the hinges for some unknow reason. After that we did the living room. I actually wrote a post about this. We redid the floor. My son and I laid out some peel and stick tiles. I really enjoyed doing this upgrade with my son. We both learned a great deal about the whole process. We went to Youtube to learn all we could and then started the process. It took us about two weeks maybe a little longer to get it done. While we were doing we got a chance to catch up with what was going on with each other. My son would even work on it while I was at work. It turned out really good.

The next thing that got upgraded was our kitchen faucet. The Husband found a guy who did home improvement and he got the guy to come out and change the faucet out for us. We were aiming to get a faucet where we could just touch and turn it on but unfortunately it wasn’t in stock at the time that we wanted it and we would have had to order it. He also fixed the pipe under the kitchen sink for us. He did amazing work. He actually did the rest of our upgrades as well.

After the faucet we got our downstairs toilet done and about two months later we got the upstairs one done. Both of them were in horrible need of repair. They had started leaking. The toilet in our half bathroom had leaked twice before. Once it flooded our living room causing us to have to remove the carpet. The other time we caught it before any real damage happened and turned it off. Again the guy who did it was amazing. I think he did very thorough work.

Next we repaired the door to one of the bedrooms. It was old from wear and tear. So it just really need to be replaced. It turned out really good as well.

The last thing we did was repair our blinds. Those things had been destroyed years ago by the kids playing in them and just every day use. They were there when we moved into the house.

We were so happy with everything that we were able to get done. It makes our home feel brand new. We are planning on getting more done. I have a few things that I really want to get done. I think one thing I would love to do is to replace our kitchen countertops. Trust me it has definitely seen better days. I just dream of getting some new countertops. I think new countertops would make the kitchen look brand new.

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